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A Few Facts About Me

I grew up in Portland Oregon so I'm a little weird, I spent many years in New York City so I walk really fast, and I now live in LA so I'm a taco expert and started jogging. Type-wise I have been called the love child of Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Griffiths, but most people just think I look like Mary Lynn Rajskub.

After getting a BFA in Cinema Studies (aka Movie Watching) from NYU I studied method acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and improv/sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade. That makes me really good at crying and not afraid to make a fool of myself.

I love reading, biking, road trips, hiking, swimming, cooking, and all things Japanese. Like millions of other people I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead and now feel adequately prepared in the event of a real zombie apocalypse. Or I'd at least do a totally kick ass acting job on the show. (hint hint)

Cast Me As

The supportive wife, mid 30s, smart, very sensitive and observant, haunted by past tragedy but a survivor at heart, an Amy Adams type.

The teacher, late 20s. Optimistic, cheerful, loves nature. Dances to the beat of her own drum, an "Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt" type.

The self-assured city girl, early 30s, quirky, witty, & sarcastic, unlucky in love but has a sense of humor about it. A Zooey Deschanel type.



The Exam Lead USC Grad/Bree Russell
The Lovers Co-Lead USC Grad/Johnny Vong
In Carcosa Lead Studio E.M./Christopher Ernst
Azimuth Lead Studio E.M./Christopher Ernst
Wrong Date Co-Lead New School Grad/Jun Oshima
Hangmen Supporting The Collective/Zara Burdett
Lamb Supporting Columbia Grad/Nick Greene
Red Jade Lead NYU/Lauren Conoscenti
Breaking Through to Rebecca Co-Lead Brooklyn College/Malene Schoenig
Madame Lead Hypocrisy Entertainment/Ajai Bhai
The Bearded Lady Guest-Star Bearded Lady Productions/Dan Riesser
Friends Without Benefits Lead NYU TV Network/Tony Scelsi
Wisdom Tree Lead Ebru TV/Misha Zubarev
The Mystery of Anna O Lead CUNY TV/Terence Dollard
As The World Turns Featured Background CBS
Family of Strangers Jessica Roy Arias Theater/Maria Riboli
Shadowlands Joy Robert Moss Theater/Lance Hewett
Fly Season Em'Lee Krain Theater/Katie Braden
Child Prodigy Melinda Theater 54/Katie McHugh
Alcestis Chorus Roy Arias Theater/Lillian DeRitter
Me Maia The Gallery Players/Sarah Jenkins
Living in Debt Alexis The Crowne Theater/Neil Austin
Speak Now Casey Algonquin Theater/Ted Sluberski
Proof Claire The Royal Theater/Francesco Campari
Fool For Love May Manhattan Theatre Source/Nick Greene
The Stronger Waitress Marilyn Monroe Theater/George Loros


  • Education: BFA, New York University, Cinema Studies Major, Magna Cum Laude
  • Acting: The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, NYC: Mauricio Bustamante, Robert Castle, Lola Cohen, George Loros
  • Improv/Sketch: Upright Citizens Brigade, NYC: Kate Spencer, Ryan Karels, Erik Tanouye, Ari Voukydis
  • Shakespeare: The Queens Studio, NYC: Jodie Lynn McClintock


  • Accents: British (Cockney and RP), General Southern, Hillbilly, New York, Various Comedic
  • Dance: Intermediate Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Flamenco, Scottish Highland (20 years of dance training)
  • Music: Advanced Classical Piano (15 years of piano study)
  • Sports: Intermediate Yoga, Intermediate Ping Pong, Indoor Rock Climbing, Intermediate Bicyclist (own a black Bianchi road bike), Jogging (5K), Intermediate Swimmer (freestyle, breast, back)
  • Miscellaneous: Front-End Web Developer (knowledge of html/css, javaScript), Size 6 Fit Model, Greenscreen/Teleprompter Experience

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